Event Design

dacora challenge days

An event that challenged visitors to come and test Epson’s new printing technology

The event concept was designed using the attributes of the new types of equipment (INNOVATION, PRECISION, EFFICIENCY, PERFORMANCE, CHALLENGE, PASION), and the message created in association with the Epson-sponsored Formula 1 team.

The Event LOGO

Poster Layout



Event Images

Message Distribution on Social Media



Event Results 

“Following the success we had with the presentation of Epson printers from the two ranges within the Dacora Challenge Days event held in Bucharest, Cluj, and Brasov, we thought of presenting Epson printers in this category permanently in our showroom”. Cornel Pauna – Managing Partner DACORA PRINT

Starting with DACORA CHALLENGE DAYS, Dacora Print was number 1 in sales for 4 consecutive years for 64-inch large format equipment according to independent research Infosource.